Liberty Architectural Aluminum Flagpole

  • Commercial Use
  • Optional Internal Halyard
  • Please Call for Additional Options like Anodized Colored Finishes and Shoe Bases

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Wider base to top cone taper and thicker pole walls make this flagpole a stellar patriotic statement outside your home or business. Ruggedly constructed of heavy-duty aluminum up to 80' in height. One piece, seamless construction for poles up to 25'. Poles 30' - 45' are 2 pieces and poles over 50' are 3 pieces. An internal sleeve joint provides heavy duty reinforcement for the bigger 2 and 3 piece poles. Installation is easy! Foundation tube helps dissipate a lightning strike without damage to pole and concrete foundation. All poles come with a brushed satin finish that remains maintenance free.
Standard Fittings:
  • anodized aluminum gold ball 
  • cast aluminum ball-bearing revolving truck with two self-lubricated pulley wheels
  • solid braided polypropylene halyard
  • two bronze swivel snaps
  • 9" aluminum cleat with screws
  • aluminum flash collar and foundation sleeve
  • galvanized corrugated steel ground socket


External Dimensions

Architectural External Dimensions

Internal Dimensions

Architectural Internal Dimensions