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French Fleur-de-lis flag

French Fleur-de-lis flag

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The French Fleur de Lis Flag is comprised of three traditional French Fleurs de Lis emblems upon a deep blue background. The use of three emblems are representative of the Holy Trinity. This design was carried by the French armies as they conquered colonies in the New World and is still an important symbol in France and other parts of the world including the Americas.

The triple lily design of the French Fleur de Lis Flag was introduced by Charles V in the 14th Century. Charles was the head of the House of Valois, which ruled those parts of France not controlled by other countries, such as England. At his Coronation in 1364, France was embroiled with England in the Hundred Years War. Charles adopted and tripled the Fleur de Lis to inspire his troops.

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